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22 May 2012


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Faren Rajkumar

Haha. No UV Filter. I actually did this video just to experiment with Adobe Premier's visual effects, and that "funny green ghosting" is actually the result of two layers of ghost filters. I thought it made for an interesting effect... But now that I've got the program all figured out, it's time for some serious film making. *rolling up sleeves*
And yeah. That song is the best thing I've heard in a while. Apparat is really great.


Is that you dancing? Haha, you got some moves! I wish I was able to dance so freely.

On a different not, did you shoot this with a UV filter? At night, sunset/rise, or when there are a lot of lights I'd advise against using it since they usually are not coated for anti-glare and cause that funny green ghosting.

Great song, btw. I'll have to add it to my playlist.

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